CondaNSIS is a flexible and reliable way to deploy Python apps to Windows computers without any Python interpreters or environment managers.

It packages your Python applications together with its conda environment into a self-extracting installer by using conda-pack to package a conda environment and NSIS to build a self-extracting installer. This project is inspired by PyNSIST, with an added conda twist.


Bundlers such as PyInstaller are great for small apps, but often have problems packaging complex projects with many dependencies. Alternativelly, deployments with Conda can be difficult as as it requires an Anaconda or a Miniconda installation.

CondaNSIS solves this problem by packaging your Python app together with a local and isolated Python environment, such that the target computer does not need neither Python nor a Conda already installed.


To install CondaNSIS with all required dependencies, get it from the conda-forge channel

conda install -c conda-forge condansis